It is a little bit taboo and 'how-long-is-a-piece-of-string' ish but unfortunately it makes the world go around and we believe in transparency across the board. It makes life easier but above all things, if nothing more Buttercluck is about friendship. We work closely with all of our clients to deliver good, honest results that we can all feel comfortable about. For that reason, we put it right out there for everyone to see so no one feels uncomfortable about asking.

Day Rates - £320-£500
Buttercluck offers designers of most ilks at day or combination rates. Generally this varies from £320 - £500 depending on the level, discipline or experience of the designer (it's a bit like going to a hairdressers). You can speak to us about this to work out what'll be best for you and your budget. Day rate is usually offered to clients working on in house projects for shorter periods of time as  apposed to studio project work.

Starter Branding Rate -  £750-£1250
If you know what you like, and have a clear idea of the general aesthetics then really you just need a professional to tighten the idea up for you, offer you some advice and make sure you have the files you need to get going. This can be done relatively quickly and is a great way to get yourself started. This type of package can also be use for Brand re-focusing which can take you from 1999 to 2015 for less money than the days involved.

Middle Branding Rate - £3000-£6000
A far more serious, and time consuming practice is when you embark on the branding process from scratch. There's no real middle man between a Starter Rate and this because the amount of work is so significantly different. This Rate will take you through a full research process, explore various avenues and reflect on a significant amount of market research and understanding. For that reason this Rate takes longer to deliver and as a result is more of an investment. We're confident about our process though and have designed many a brand for some very happy clients. Talking to us about your needs is crucial, and knowing what you need is even more important. The honest truth is that if you don't have a clue and you want a designed logo created by a professional that is confident about your market and demographic, you cannot shoehorn your future business dreams into a starter package, it just isn't worth it. This rate covers stationery design, as well as documents or presentation materials (i.e. application of brand - not including web).

Senior Branding Rate - £6000-£50000
This rate is essentially reserved for much larger, corporate companies (you know who you are). It also depends on the markets the logo will be used within and essentially comes down to international buy out fees. We're also talking about a significant amount of research, across a much wider board and a great deal of time and consideration that takes this beyond the Middle Branding Rate.

Ultra Branding Rate - £POA
You're Steve Jobs back from the grave and you want us to refocus the Apple brand. We legally have to put this in here in case there are any mega requests, but it's not unheard of and all brands start on a sketch book somewhere. If you have a  request (or you just want a friend), drop us a line and we'll be happy to talk you through your ideas.

Starter Web Package - £3000-£5000
We all know the value of web presence, and the Starter Web Rate is a great way to get your business off the ground. This bracket caters for simple, clean, effective sites that keep it streamlined and get your visitors to the point quickly and easily, whilst also being incredibly stylish and above all things appropriate for your demographic. These sites are more orientated to small, new business with a limited amount of content available. It doesn't cater for complicated development though so things like ecommerce and mobile sites are more suited for the mid tier. Example Starter Web Packages can be seen here.

Middle Web Package - £5000-£15000
This is likely to be for an existing (as apposed to a company start up), more significantly weighted client with a far greater volume of work and a complicated information structure (like cataloguing a large archive of work etc). This is also suited for ecommerce sites such as shops or hire companies. Examples of Middle Web Packages can be seen here. This package can also be interpreted for App design (separate from Web application) for either smartphone or tablet.

Senior Web Package - £15000-£60000
Highly reliable, with a very wide bandwidth for a multitude of visitors and resilience to hackers/bugs. Something competition or ticket based with high volumes of traffic and the confidence to know it's not going to go down. Web is probably the most volatile medium of creativity there is and so a great deal more attention to detail and time to vigilantly test and improve ensures the most optimum results. This package can also be interpreted for App design (separate from Web application) or a combination of projects including mobile websites and branding.

Ultra Web Package - £POA
You're HSBC and you need a new internet banking system. This is mega territory and the type of project that makes your hair fall out. Again we have to have an option for this, so here it is. The point is that anything is possible. We're 'Yes' people and like the good old days, no job is too big or too small so give us a call!

Publication & Print Production & Consultation
Publication design is broken into three main categories;
- Front Page - £1000-£5000
- Body Page - £100-£200
- Artistic Body Page - £250
Print Production & Consultation works on a publication basis;
- £1200 per publication