A quick fire branding project for a healthcoach and fitness brand. A good example of what can be done in a short lead time (about a week). The characters act as symbols of different bodytypes and the transformation process.
Cost: £750-£1000

Aline of Lebanon

Aline_Brand_Revised_V1-01This brand re-focus allowed us to break down the existing aesthetic of the entire restaurant and reconsider every aspect of the dining experience for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as coffee and bar facilities.

The existing brand was cold and unfamiliar and the interior leant itself to more of an evening venue when primary business was taken during the lunchtime/afternoon period. We stripped back to the essence of Aline (the owners mother), integrated her femininity and culture whilst maintaining a masculine, professional but passionate feel to the space. The brand uses a wide range or colours and images which pick up on the vibrancy of Lebanon and it’s exciting dining culture which was then applied to menus, coasters and mats, a full stationary set as well as off the shelf products such as olive oil and preserves.

Access By Invite

Access By Invite is a bespoke travel management service. Internationally based, the boutique brand sources relationships with private estates with a background in supporting local community projects for it’s discerning member base.

Using these influences, an ‘A’ symbol was created as the principal monogram. A couple line circuit is used to create an ‘infinite’ loop, which in turn represents inclusion, ever lasting energy and energy moving from one hub to another. This sharing of energy represents a community and the sharing of assets within said community. The ‘A’ is then surrounded by a ‘communal’ boundary which both brings focus to the ‘A’ loop but also signifies the outer edge of the stamp. This final stamp monogram signifies approval and the ‘gaining of access’

Jo Sedley

Create a brand and website for Interior Designer Jo Sedley. Designing a brand for any creative is difficult because it needs to be beautiful enough to present them but general enough to cover their array of styles. In instances like this it’s important to be timeless and simplicity is the key.

The line in-between the letters ‘J’ and ‘S’ divide the character into two. The ying and yang of a persona the allows the other half to be questioned and make considered decisions from multiple angles. This very dark navy was created from a variety of tones collected during the research period focusing mostly on late Cecil Beaton colour photography.

The website showcases a uniquely developed ‘plate’ system that allows the user to ‘flick’ through the pages in sections at a time. This was designed in conjunction to a responsive layout for use on mobile media as well as desktop computers and so encourages the UX on smartphones or other tablet devices. Aesthetically, the site is a blank, gallery type environment with nods towards character in the zig-zag line and thick header.


Design a website for commercial Choreographer and Show Director Vikki Burns. Something bold, modern and animated to reflect the character of movement.

The key to this site is in the delivery of moving image. Originally designed for full screen video playback, the site was scaled back to smaller ‘windows’ of video for easy loading on slower connections in developing countries and mobile media. Bringing movement into the site via the animated nav menu as well as with gifs on the ‘Reels’ page, the site feels rich and vibrant and full of character and expression.

The brand itself is a bold, clean, san serif logotype designed for use on moving image reels/credits and of course throughout the website.

London Fashion Weekend Tote Bag

Re-visualalise a print from Sister by Sibling for use on the BFC’s London Fashion Weekender tote bag. Produce visuals for print and resales on British Fashion Council website.

There’s nothing quite like working with other creatives from a different industry and aiding them in completing their vision. This print from Sister by Sibling is visually compelling and works perfectly to promote the BFC’s biannual event. Print consultation on this project was focused on working with manufacturers to produce rich, vibrant colours and templates for future BFC/Designer collaborations.

Barnes Plastering

Re-focus the existing Barns Plastering brand and re-design the website to a wider demographic outside of the south London base.

Previously the site was flash based which limited it’s use on mobile media essentially shortening it’s accessibility to desktops only. The site was also overpowering with it’s use of colour and directed towards a very limited demographic in terms of it’s aesthetic pull. The solution was to completely re-code the site with a new, cleaner, more ‘modern’, wider demographic in mind by capitalising on a more middle class and idolised lifestyle rather than the trade element of the industry.

Brand wise the logo type was changed to be more current and timeless creating a hierarchy of words and re-angeling the focus to the primary word ‘Barnes’. Monogram sharpened up and layered into two tones to give the piece depth whilst adding more character.

Website is scheduled to launch Spring 2014.

INCA Productions

Design a website and accompanying newsletter that is diverse enough to appeal to its multiple client disciplines whilst enforcing its brand values as a chic, multifaceted, 360 degree global event company.

Something like this needs to be modern and somewhat clean, but also feel as though there is a great deal of content for perspective clients to be bowled over by. Because of the volume of content the side was designed to be horizontally linier rather than to be deep. The visitor spends their time ‘skimming’ through content rather than digging too deep and feeling claustrophobic.  The international client base meant it important for the site to be image heavy and whilst it was designed with a western reading format (left to right – top to bottom), the full browser is used to saturate the visitor in content and encourage them to continue exploring.

The newsletter follows the same image heavy direction, but allows for the delivery of one lead story and snippets of additional content to bring the recipient to the website for more.

Visit the website here



Create a brand for an earthy, genuine, authentic Creole/Cajun cuisine pop-up restaurant.

A premium, pop-up restaurant like this has to have a gravitas that builds confidence in it’s diners. The Sassafras brand is a combination of a traditional ‘New Orleans’ style, hand drawn letterform and a modern, ‘up market’ sans serif logotype. This combination of shield monogram and type allow for multiple application and has been adapted as a landscape version as well for use online. Printed materials for the restaurant include menus, table runners, napkins, wall stencils, post cards and newsletters.

Visit the Sassafras Facebook page here.


Refocus existing brand ‘Go to Show’ as an exciting, multifaceted show staff agency. Design a website that reflects the stature of the company, it’s multiple area of expertise whilst also being selective of content and streamlined for visitors on desk top and mobile media.

The website delivers quick loading content in a punchy, energetic style – reflecting the nature of it’s workforce – but also stream lining the process for visitors and making content easily accessible through a clean, easy to navigate menu. The brand re-focus stripped down the language and created a ‘to the point’ identity that reflects the rapid pace by which the agency works within the monogram. The characters create a chain which represent the seamless cogs of a machine. Transparencies are also used in the ’2′ character to aesthetically and in turn personally ‘blend’ with any project the company takes on.


UN COP18 Conference

Working with a large team of designers for WRG Qatar, design at speed a variety of items for the UN Climate Change conference – COP18 & CMP8.

During our time in Doha and on this project, Buttercluck created the following assets for the UN Climate Change conference including:
- Over 250 city wide bus stops/wayfinding system
- Conference room back groups and screen flats
- 50×80 meter billboards
- The UN  COP18 & CMP8 website
- Internal map and way finding systems for the Qatar National Convention centre
- Conceptual solutions for measuring conference progression
- City-wide taxi and roadside advertisements

Above all, we love working with other design teams, and meeting new people and look forward to the opportunity to do so again in the near future. The UN Climate Change conference – COP18 & CMP8 website can be found here

Fashion in Film

Re-design the website for existing fashion archive Fashion In Film (brand not included).

The site needed to be clean, and very simple to use not least of which to convey the library of information in an appropriate, blank canvas type environment. Certain elements of the website allowed the editor the opportunity to inject character to the various pages by selecting a background colour that works with the image being used. The challenge of this project was in creating a new archiving system for the institution and in turn applying this to the Information Architecture of both the website and the CMS.

Unfortunately the project didn’t include the rebranding of the website which is too heavy for the page and dominated the website working against the premiss of the clean lines and delivery of information (not to mention the technical disadvantage of using a blur no screen based media). You can’t win them all.


Design a brand for a new, highly discerning, boutique travel management service that is understated but in the know and personable.

The task here is to design something for a discerning audience that they aren’t expecting for a luxury brand such as Found. The personal element to the services Found. offers provides the key to this brand. It had to be something that said ‘stamp of approval’, a confidence building  seal that didn’t encourage the clients to feel like they we’re spending money, more investing in experiences. The solution was a signature style logotype with an all important full-stop as a suggestion that this is the end of the line in terms of the variety of brilliance in travel.

A Fashionable Sport

Design a brand and re-design the website for A Fashionable Sport (AFS), the for-most popular go to site for the Sport and Fashion hybrid.

The brand is based on three principal symbols; triangle, square & circle which represent diversity within the sporting sector. They are also characteristic of the initials of the brand; ‘a’, ‘f’ and ‘s’. Swathes run through the shapes to give them their natural letter form and reinforce the brand identity.

The website is created from different sized tiles which categorise the different story types. Tiles are ‘definable’ with the simple navigation at the top which creates a simple and easy route to the visitors desired content. Also designed this way for mobile application, the website is formed of a collection of only two page types, the home view and clicking through the tiles directly to the desired story. Throughout creative process, the navigation of the site was constantly re-visited to reduce steps for easy access to content.

Nota Bene Travel

Design the first Luxury Travel and Lifestyle app for iPad for Nota Bene Travel. The publication is focused on providing the most discerning travellers with the ultimate insider information. Designed and developed in partnership with Hudson Union USA.

The App was a new concept in information architecture, and for touchscreen based media, meant taking the design process back to the drawing board. Information is broken into destinations, which makes finding your content as easy as picking up the correct travel guide. Information was delivered on destination specific Hotels, Restaurants, Galleries and Culture as well as Shopping, Beauty and Wellbeing listings. Alternative directions include a ‘travel by inspiration’ section which showcased images and top pics for the season. Because of the vast volume of information in each destination, users could download entire interactive archives of information for access offline.

Also in collaboration with Pentagram London, was the redevelopment of the Nota Bene brand.

Quintessentially Gifts

Design a eShot for Quintessentially Gifts for mothers day that showcases the gifts on offer.

The angle was to create an object that reflected the occasion but was also beautiful. Flowers are the most commonly given gift for mothers day so integrating the items for sale into this as the petals made logical sense. The other element was to try and increase sales but making the objects feel obtainable price wise rather that showcasing them on pedestals and making them feel too expensive and out of reach. By bringing the objects together in this way, they become both secondary to the primary element of the image (i.e. the illustrated flower) and also, secondary to each other.

Leamington House

Design a brand and a subsequent website for luxury Barbados villa Leamington House.

Initially, the brand needed refocusing as a more modern representation of the house. Previous brands were inconsistent with each other and dated from around the early 80′s. The refocus uses the same foundations which is to say a lime green and a palm tree. A more conceptual take on the palm was used to make the brand more interesting and a modern typeface tightened it up into nice package.

For the website the brief was clear, it needed to be simple, clean & showcase images of the house as a glamerous space on the island and not the other way around. Original designs included more full bleed images but the international audience meant that – with varying internet speeds – the site had to be smaller and cater for older networks/hardware.

The Leamington House website can be seen here

London Student

Refocus the existing London Student brand into a strong, respectable representation of the worlds larges student newspaper.

The previous London Student brand could not be salvaged in anyway so this project meant returning to the drawing board. It had to be modern enough for young people to want to be able to pick it up and read it whilst also timeless to try and secure it’s position for all future issues. Originally illustrated with inspiration from Si Scott, the LS monogram gave the paper an eye catching, focal point. A logotype was then added to this for the primary delivery of the title existing of course as the top quarter of the page, above the fold.

As with all student publications, the editor and their staff are changes every year. Despite strict guidelines and templates, the newspaper and it’s original designs was gradually bastardised and sadly lost to the new year of young writers. During it’s time, the paper won awards for design within the institution.

Designed in collaboration with Rahim Hakimi.

Dazed & Confused

Design a spread for the well known Pop Culture magazine ‘Dazed & Confused’. The piece was on a ‘Blec Le Rat’ DVD release and so we used stills from the film to create a tableau style background for the primary image content. Filling the page in this way created a sense of overwhelming volume which gave the piece more presence in the magazine.


Design a brand for music producer Kensaye Russell.

As a writer/producer of Hip Hop/RnB the brand needed to be the right side of old skool cool and still be relevant to the modern market. The typeface was designed with this in mind, the modular, colourful elements of the characters give the brand a ‘lego’ type feel, in injecting a playful, not-too-serious tone. The monochrome version is more serious and so the two can be adapted for a variety of applications for multiple genres.


Design a brand and website that reflect the ground-breaking nature of the Seaboard and it’s innovative, interactive play on the classic keyboard.

Seaboard uses a silicone moulded surface that ‘blends’ the traditional key structure of a piano into a slidable, tactile sound wave. Using this fluidity was key in the brand and research was mostly founded on low frequency wave forms. The characters and their form use the negative space within two apposing waves that in turn create a unique typeface for the brand. The monogram uses the same wave form grid.


Design a brand for Roland Lamb, founder of Lambde technology, that represents the break through work and research the company takes in developing musical instruments.

The word ‘Lambde’ and this upside down ‘y’ symbol are Latin for ‘waveform’. This sharp, ‘modern’ symbol combines these elements as both a monogram and a logotype in one. Designed with branding new age musical instruments in mind, the logo is a symbol of ground breaking technology.

MOTIF Magazine

Design a brand for new Fashion/Culture/Lifestyle magazine that breaks the cliche of other ‘trendy’ magazines but at the same time can be taken seriously as a resource for popular London culture.

The monogram which is the foundation of the brand, is based upon the traditional Houndstooth pattern and as a result manipulated to create the ‘M’ motif. This has then been applied to the original online magazine, and again here in the revised website where we see more use of the logotype and monogram separately.


Design an e-commerce website for the online Antiques showroom Wilson Stephens & Jones that is sensitive enough to have character but clean enough to showcase a wide variety of produce.

Colour pallet was essential here, and so a focus was put onto pastels and mute colours to build depth without it seeming to over power the artwork. WS&J were in the process of a rebrand during the website design process and so we were presented with the unusual circumstance to work separately with the brand designers as apposed to completing the process alone.


Hypothetical brand for a creative collective of designers from multiple disciplines. This multifaceted group would work together to deliver ultimate perspective on brief’s to deliver outstanding conceptual results.

Ravensbourne Prospectus

Design a prospectus for Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication that was both pleasing to the eye but also conceptually deep and unique from the market.

The foundation of this project is based upon the concept that squares are attractive to creatives because of the way their mind works. There is an inherent lack of squares in nature and as a result a ‘normal’ mind would be more attracted to circles. Squares however are unusual and it takes a certain mind to deliberate it’s existence and in doing so, opening a part of their mind to consider alternatives. This is the foundation of concept creation and so a crucial stage of the institutes student selection. In turn, the student would be chosen as a matter of illumination. If they liked the item because it was square and left a positive impression on their minds they would potentially apply. If the object displeased them then potentially they would not, and so the evolution of design would continue.